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Healthy America Association, Inc. is organized for any lawful purpose or purposes set forth in its Articles of Incorporation for American citizens seeking a healthy lifestyle and their families. This will include but not be limited to, being, operated for charitable, advocacy, education or beneficial purposes including the following:

  • The fostering and promoting of education and research concerning the advantages and availability of suitable benefit and service programs in respect of its members;
  • The collection and dissemination of statistics and other relevant and reliable information, facts, and data concerning common issues and problems for members;
  • The location and determination of suitable and appropriate benefits, services, and other related products needed and desired by members at efficient and reasonable costs; and
  • The providing of emails, internet websites, media, newsletters, conferences, meetings, seminars, forums and other means of effective communication to members concerning the purposes of the association.

Contact HAA for more information on how to become a member or for more about the Healthy America Association.

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Additional Benefit Programs and Optional Group & Individual Insurance Opportunities

Take advantage of the many benefits that can support you in addition to your Healthy America Association membership. As a member, you have access to add any of the endorsed optional benefit and supplemental programs including the a la carte health and wellness non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription Products. See below for a sample of some of the a la carte benefit programs you can add to your enhance your membership:

  • Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy Visits powered by MeMD®, a part of the Walmart Health® family;
    Access to speak with a MeMD® board-certified medical provider virtually, nationwide. This convenient program allows you to seek medical care 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • SML Dental Discounts powered by Aetna Dental Access® Network;
    The SML Dental program offers access to savings on dental with discounts on dental services like cleanings, x-rays, root canals, crowns and more.
  • Prescription & Pet Prescription Discounts powered by Paramount RX®;
    The retail prescription discount program offers members access to discounts on brand and generic prescriptions at over 54,000 participating pharmacies.
  • Benefit Boost - this benefit package includes all three services above as well as Free Vitamins & identity theft discounts through LifeLock®;
    Benefit Boost is a non-insurance strategy to boost your overall health with many of the highly regarded services available in this subscription package: Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy Visits, Dental Discounts, Prescription Discounts, Free Vitamins & Identity Theft discounts all in one convenient package.
  • Virtual PCP Solution powered by MeMD®, a part of the Walmart Health® family.
    Primary care for the modern world. Members can enjoy virtual primary care benefits all year long for about the cost of one routine in-person visit along with virtual urgent care visits, virtual talk therapy, lab work, ongoing chronic care management, and continuity of care.

Coming soon, HAA will be working with various insurance companies to offer supplemental group insurance and individual insurance opportunities to its members. These insurance programs will be optional and not required to become a member of Healthy America Association. All group and individual insurance programs will be made available to HAA members who have the desire to enhance their membership.

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Who Supports and Administers HAA?

Association Management

The Healthy America Association management offices are located at 12444 Powerscourt Dr Suite 500A, St Louis, MO 63131 and toll-free number, 800-992-8044.

National Marketing Organization

Healthy America Insurance Agency, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency contracted with Healthy America Association (HAA) as the exclusive National Marketing Organization.

Third-Party Administrator

H A Partners, Inc., a Healthy America company, and Healthy America Insurance Agency, Inc. (in some states), is a third-party administrator responsible for billing HAA Membership dues and also shipping welcome packages.

Healthy America Association Board Members

Chuck Scherer: President - Director
Jerry Talamantes: Vice-President - Director
John Schwaig: Secretary & Treasurer - Director